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Friday 27 March, 2020

We’re living in unprecedented times at the moment and there have been a lot of changes to our situations and finances. Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) we have seen businesses and personal loans affected as well as personal income situations.

All of these changes can be confusing and hard to manage, especially considering the distraction of everything else that is happening. Here at Finance Brokers Tasmania, we take huge responsibility in knowing what these changes are, so we can help you and guide you through this piece of the puzzle.

You may have seen our Facebook post last week talking about the recent home loan rate changes through the Reserve Bank. We have been keeping up to date with all the changes around this as well as the stimulus packages announced through the Government.

Finance Brokers Tasmania are your trusted, local broker, and we are here to help and guide you through this journey. Until advised otherwise, we are still here for a face to face (socially distanced) meeting, although we have been helping clients via email, phone and video call if this is your preference.

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